A great example of celebrity fitness is Jude Law, who went from behind-the-scenes to headliner actor in the last ten years. As he has adopted himself for different roles, he has worked on his body and gotten more and more in shape. More recently, the Jude Law workout that he went through had him in tip-top shape for Repo Man, and with his upcoming role in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows you can be sure that he will be staying in that condition.

Jude Law Showing Off

Before getting into how he trains, think of the type of build he has. The man is clearly strong, but not overwhelmingly so like many body builders aspire to. This is actually an aesthetic choice, as many women find the muscle-bound jock look to not be all that appealing. By and large, they prefer the lean and strong, or ripped, look that Jude Law pulls off in spades.

In order to look like this, several elements of appearance and physique have to come together. For one, you need to be quite lean. Before the Jude Law workout would give you the Hollywood look, you need to get your body fat to 10 to 12% to be thin enough.

Secondly, you absolutely need to build up your muscles…but you need to do it the right way. Many of the traditional training programs would have you add bulk in the wrong way, where you end up with large but soft muscles, without the nice tone that gives you the ripped look.

If you simply do power lifts all day, you will certainly put on the muscle. At the same time, you’ve probably seen lifters at your gym who end up with a very rounded look, where their thighs seem to wrap out and in, and they have to wear baggy clothes to be presentable. You’re better off going for the look that Jude Law pulls off, where you’re toned and firm.

As an example of the kinds of total-body training that get you looking like you stepped off of a movie set, try something like this workout that Jude Law did for Repo Man:

Jude Law During a Repo Man Workout

1. Warm-up with squats using just body weight, then a light set of overhead squats and Turkish get-ups
2. Row 250 meters

3. Do a number of kettlebell swings, basing the weight off what you can handle. You should do at least one pood (roughly equal to 32kg), and up to two.

4. Go through two pull-up ladders with one to six reps per each cycle

5. Do one to twenty kettlebell swings across a kettlebell ladder (where you start with one rep, then go to two, then three, etc.) with a 20kg kettlebell

This series of exercises hits the entire body across all major muscle groups as well as taxing your cardio. In order to get your body in optimal fat burning shape, you need something of this intensity level. Doing a handful of workouts like this each week is all it would take to et your body in the right kind of shape.

That is, provided that you take care of your diet as well. The best workouts in the world will not get you ripped if you’re eating 4,000 calories a day, even if half of it is protein shakes. Many body builders fall into the trap of overheating, and end up impressively strong but also way too bulky.  In order for you to look like you’ve gone through celebrity fitness training, you will need to avoid these traps.

The Jude Law workout can be done by any man with a willingness to work on his diet and exercise, and who will put his pride aside to learn something new. Getting the Hollywood ripped look is no easy task, but is definitely doable and is an option for those with the willpower to see it through.

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